About the film

Slovakia is a beautiful country in the center of Europe, full of castles, mountains, history - and yet is unknown to most of the world. There are very few films about Slovakia in the English language, and therefore little exposure to international audiences. We hope to change that with this film.

This film is a celebration of the beauty, culture, and history of Slovakia. Our goal is simply to make a beautiful travel film about the country. We hope you will enjoy our film - the first travel film of Slovakia in the English language. The film is currently still in production.

About the film makers
Pat Uskert was born in Slovakia and raised in California, USA. After much world travel, he settled in Los Angeles where he worked for many years in video production and several feature films. Pat eventually created and starred in the History Channel's UFO Hunters. This film is his latest project.   Email Pat. 

Mila Kissova is an aspiring Slovak film maker that is passionate about the beauty of her country. She is proud to have been one of Slovakia's top triathletes as a youth. During her years as a sales manager, she visited customers in every part of the country, and developed an intimate knowledge of the country's best locations. In this film, she works to make sure the film includes the most beautiful treasures of Slovakia. Email Mila.

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